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  • Arctic Journeys

Arctic Journeys was an exciting new interactive CD designed to let viewers explore the wonder and beauty of the North. Icons on a series of maps provided information, stories, myths and anecdotes related to seven main themes.

English: ISBN: 2-921461-22-6

French: ISBN: 2-921461-23-4


People of the North

Humans have inhabited the Arctic since 30,000 B.C. From the ancient Thule and Dorset people to contemporary Inuit, the people of the North have developed a lifestyle perfectly adapted to their icy environment.

Arctic Exploration

The British navy spent hundreds of years searching for a Northwest passage through the Arctic archipelago. Follow the tragic tale of John Franklin's last voyage and the 30-odd expeditions that went in search of him.

Art and Music

Scintillating Northern lights and towering icebergs are only a few of the Arctic's fantastic sights that have inspired artists.

Scientific Research

Every year numerous scientific projects, ranging from glaciology to marine biology, are conducted in the Arctic. Learn about the special preparations necessary for research in a frozen land.


In the 19th century European whaling stations sprang up across the Arctic. Then hunting and trapping escalated to meet the demands of the Western fur market. Now, ecotourism, fishing lodges and hiking outfitters all contribute to the economy.

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