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  • Earth: The Changing Environment

An exploration program about human activities and environmental change. The program focused on Earth's ecosystems, its atmosphere, water and land as life-support systems, and the biological and ecological changes caused by major environmental activities such as Agriculture, Mining & Industry, Fishing, and Forestry, as well as changes caused by Human Settlements and the use of Energy. The viewer could also explore the nature of Species Diversity and examine the biology of hundreds of endangered species.

ISBN: 2-921461-06-4


A multimedia guide to human activities and environmental change. Twenty minutes of full-motion video, with 5 1/2 hours of audio and thousands of photographs.

The program includes a handy Table of Contents, Glossary, Maps, and a Doomsday Clock, which keeps track of environmental changes in real time as the user views the program.

Earth also reinforces the potential of the individual for effecting positive change: winners of the United Nations Global 500 Awards are profiled throughout the program.

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