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  • Discover Sport Fishing

The first interactive fishing magazine on CD-ROM. Join the professionals on their fishing trips for trophy-size fish, visit fly-in fishing lodges, and find out how to hook the big one. You'll find detailed information on various species of game fish, the latest in fishing tackle and equipment, and you can even try a mouth watering recipe. Contains 15 minutes of exciting fishing video!

Vol. I:  ISBN: 2-921461-16-1
Vol. II: ISBN: 2-921461-21-8
CD-i:   ISBN: 2-921461-09-9


Kitsumkalum Pandemonium

Join our fishing Professionals as they show you how to catch trophy Chinook salmon in the Kitsumkalum river of beautiful, wild, British Columbia.

Manitoba Kitties

Follow along as Angelo Viola shares his secrets for catching giant channel catfish in the murky depths of the Red River in Manitoba. Discover Sport Fishing lets you match species with technique, destinations with equipment...or just go exploring at random.

Fish Facts

Get detailed information on chinook salmon and channel catfish, you'll learn about spawning behavior, feeding patterns, habitat, world records and much more.


Want to know about what equipment to use? Discover Sport Fishing demonstrates the latest and best in rods, reels, lines, lures, and accessories.

Getting Away

Visit fishing lodges and facilities in British Columbia and Manitoba. You'll find out how to get there and where to stay.

Fish du Jour

Succulent fish recipes with video directions for technique.

Lure Lake

Confused about the best lures to use when fishing Bass? Discover Sport Fishing explains.

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