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  • Charting a New World

The discovery of the New World is revealed as never before. Take an extraordinary adventure through 50 rare maps from the 15th to 18th centuries, experience the voyages that advanced the art and science of navigation, investigate the events and people that shaped history. Visit mythical lands and ancient ports - each revealing stories of incredible facts and fantastic stories. Examine the navigational instruments which were vital to early explorers. Explore the context of the times by browsing a historical time line. The renowned collection of The David M. Stewart Museum is the focal point of this fascinating cartographic journey to uncharted territories.

English: ISBN: 2-921461-18-8

French: ISBN: 2-921461-19-6


Consult biographies of cartographers which reveal how their work shaped the world. Print your favorite maps. Listen to over 3 hours of narrated information.

View and magnify 50 rare ancient maps. Select points of interest on each map which reveal stories of adventure, folklore, myths and historical facts.

View ancient navigational instruments and learn how they were used by early explorers.

Scan the timeline which charts historical events from 600 BC to 1774 AD.

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